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Windows Calculator replacements
Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 @ 12:02:59 CDT
Topic: General

The Windows calculator leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, there are many replacements with excellent features, including AddUp, Auditor Calculator, calcANT, ESBcalc, Moffsoft FreeCalc, and Willy's Freeware Calculator. Each offers a unique blend of extras that make CALC.exe obsolete.

** NOTE: Removed AddUp as it is not free

Windows Calculator Replacements Auditor Calculator calcANT ESBcalc Moffsoft FreeCalc Willy's FreeWare calculator
floating decimal display / rounding yes yes yes no yes
save tape no yes no yes no
print tape yes yes no yes no
memory variable yes no yes yes yes
visible memory variable yes no no yes yes
default / constant memory variable no no no no yes
equation entry no no no no no
text editor no yes no no no
advanced math functions no no yes no no
tray no no yes yes no
hotkey no no no no no
always / stay on top yes yes no yes no
startup no no no yes no
undo yes yes no no no
find / replace no yes no no no
copy / paste tape yes yes yes yes yes
copy / paste portions of tape no yes no yes no
resize buttons no no no no no
resize without increasing font yes yes no no yes
select display font size no no yes no no
help no yes no yes yes

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