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PHP-Nuke Membership Enhancements
Date: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 @ 07:39:55 CDT
Topic: General

Looking for an enhanced membership modules for your PHP-Nuke site? There are a couple of options.

Attribute Approve Membership CNBYA
Version 6.1.6 4.4.2
Disable user registration No Optional
Approval required Optional Optional
w/ activation Yes Yes
COPPA compliance required Optional
Force TOS acceptance on registration Optional
Pre-approved domains Optional
Blocked domains Optional
Blocked user names Optional
Password length min / max length 3 to 25
Default Group No No
PayPal / Subscription interface No No
CAPTCHA integration
Registration Optional
Login Optional
Allow deactivation Optional
Allow email changes Optional
Validate email changes Optional
Force acceptance on TOS change Optional
Suspend users Optional
Deactivate users Optional
Applicant follow-up Customizable
Resend Activation Optional
Pending approval Customizable Optional
Approval granted Customizable Optional
Approval rejected Customizable Optional
Deactivation Optional
Customizable fields
Text 20 Unlimited
Text required / optional Yes Yes
Select 4 Unlimited
User-controlled display Yes No
Admin-controlled display Yes Yes
Display fields in Forum posts Yes No
Display fields in Member List Optional, sortable No
Display fields in pending users list Yes w/ IP address No

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