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WinPatrol Version 7

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WinPatrol with Scotty the Windows Watch Dog will sniff out worms, adware, spyware, cookies, Trojan horses, and other nasty programs that may attack your computer. This program puts you back in control of your computer with no need for constant updates. WinPatrol's goal is to help you better understand what programs are running on your computer and to alert you to any new programs added without your permission. Scotty lets you confirm any new programs or add-ons set up to run on your computer.

WinPatrol uses a heuristic approach to detecting attacks and violations of your computing environment. Unlike traditional security programs, WinPatrol doesn't scan your hard drive searching for previously identified threats. Instead a snapshot is taken of your critical system resources and WinPatrol alerts you to any changes that occur without your knowledge. You'll be warned immediately while others wait to hear about it on the news.
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