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Category: Main/Business/Project Management

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  DotProject 1.0.2-1DotProject HomePage   Editorial14-Jul-20043.0000 (1 Vote) Rate SoftwareHits: 1405
A PHP intranet / web-based project management framework that includes modules for companies, projects, tasks (with Gantt charts), forums, files, calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, multi-language support, user/module permissions and themes.

Features include:
  • User Management
  • Email based trouble Ticket System, (Integrated voxel.net''s ticketsmith)
  • Client/Company Management
  • Project listings
  • Hierarchical Task List
  • File Repository
  • Contact List
  • Calendar
  • Discussion Forum
  • Resource Based Permissions

  •   moregroupware 0.7.2moregroupware HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1393
    Web-based groupware written in PHP4. Including modules like webmail, notes, todo, contacts, project management, calendar and others.

      NetOffice 2.5.3-pl1NetOffice HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 2685
    Intranet / online project management with team collaboration, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, and time tracking, task change history, files approval tracking, notes, client project sites, CRM, Gantt graphs...

      phpaga 0.2phpaga HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 2836
    Intranet / web-based project/task/invoice/quotation tracking solution, providing an efficient, centralized manner to keep on top of your day-to-day jobs and activities. Its features include: printing invoices, quotations and task lists to PDF, productivity statistics per project or per person, financial overview and Gantt chart generation.

      phpCollab 2.4phpCollab HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1356
    Project management and collaboration over the internet / intranet. Features team/client sites, task assignment, document repository/workflow, gantt charts, discussions, calendar, notifications, support requests, weblog newsdesk, invoicing, and many other tools.

      WebCollab 1.60WebCollab HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1741
    Intranet / web-based project management tool for workgroups. Encourage groups and individuals to work collaboratively. This tool aims to be functional and elegant without being complicated or graphically intensive.