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Category: Main/Personal Productivity/Office

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  602 PC Suite PC Suite HomePage 02-Nov-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1188
602PC SUITE uses the same document formats (.DOC & .XLS) as Microsoft® Office and has the same look and feel. Easily edit, restore, enhance, and print your photos. Organize your photos into virtual albums. Free for personal use. Paid version has additional features.

  AbiWord 2.2AbiWord HomePage  Comments (1)24-Dec-20043.0000 (1 Vote) Rate SoftwareHits: 1161
A simple, multiplatform word processor with an interface similar to Microsoft Word.

  Diagram Designer 1.12.1Diagram Designer HomePage 02-Nov-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1226
Simple vector graphics editor for creating flowchart, diagrams and slide shows, similar to Microsoft''s Visio.

  EasyOffice Freeware 6.9EasyOffice Freeware HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 2410
This version of EasyOffice is completely functional for basic tasks, and has no time limitations or other such limitations. There is a polite start-up licensing screen, as well as small indication on the top toolbar that this is a Freeware version.

This version includes multilingual installations, PDF file creation and editing, EasyWord, EasySpreadsheet, EasyContactManager, EasyPresentation, EasyBookkeeper, EasyHelper, EasyBackup, EasyCalculator, EasyDatabase, EasyCalendar, EasyZip, EasySpeller and EasySpeller.

  IntelliEdit 1.0IntelliEdit HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1408
IntelliEdit is a Rich Text Editor powered by smart autocompletion. It can autocomplete words and phrases, auto-expand shorthands. It can even learn new words and phrase while typing. IntelliEdit can tremendously boost your typing speed. IntelliEdit is based on a tab-page MDI interface. You can create, edit and print multiple RTF documents conveniently in IntelliEdit. IntelliEdit is slim in size and quick to load.

  Jarte 2.6Jarte HomePage 24-Dec-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1112
Simple, small Windows word process that looks very little like Microsoft Word.

  Open Office 1.1.2Open Office HomePage   Editorial14-Jul-20043.0000 (1 Vote) Rate SoftwareHits: 1100
A multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set similar to other office suites. Sophisticated and flexible, OpenOffice.org also works transparently with a variety of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office. Available in 25 languages with more being constantly added by the community. OpenOffice.org runs stably and natively on Solaris, Linux (including PPC Linux), and Windows. Additional ports, such as for FreeBSD, IRIX, and Mac OS X, are in various stages of completion.

  Powerbullet Presenter 1.42Powerbullet Presenter HomePage 24-Dec-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1299
A small, simple program for creating presentations in the Flash™ format. You don''t need any experience to create slick animated presentations by typing, clicking and dragging.

Powerbullet Presenter is specifically designed for creating multi-page presentations that are commonly used in electronic sales brochures and catalogues, splash screens, slideshows and student projects. You can also create a self-running show, specifying delays on each page, or you can link the timing to the sound attached to each page.

Your presentations can be exported as an HTML page with an embedded SWF (Flash) file or as an executeable file which you can run on any Windows PC

NOTE: Additional features unlocked in paid version.