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Category: Main/Communications/Email

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  AgileMail 2.0AgileMail HomePage 14-Jul-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1338
AgileMail is an email sender which is slim, powerful and easy to use. You can import messages from text files. You can easily add/remove attachments with a simple attachment management interface. You can custom your signature and AgileMail will automatically append it for you before sending outgoing mails. You can use define your own templates to create new mails. Reserved macros and user macros can be used in the mail templates. Reserved macros include recipient name, sender name, date time, etc. Reserved macros will be automatically expanded. You need to specify the values of the user macros and AgileMail will expand all instances of the macros in the mail template for you. You can also use reserved macros in the signature. Macros enable you to create new mails in a very flexible way. AgileMail is able to send to a mail list but the number of recipients is limited to 30 against possible abuse.

  ePrompter 2.0ePrompter HomePage 16-Oct-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1449
Automatically and simultaneously checks and retrieves your email messages from up to sixteen password protected email accounts such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Earthlink, Email.com, Excite, iName, Juno, Lycos, Mail.com, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, Netscape, POP3, OneBox, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo, Switchboard, USA.net and hundreds of other email domains.

  Pegasus Mail 4.21cPegasus Mail HomePage 16-Oct-2004No Votes Rate SoftwareHits: 1181
One of the original free popular software application, this feature-rich, standards-based electronic mail client is suitable for use by single or multiple users on single computers or on local area networks.

  Thunderbird .8Thunderbird HomePage  Comments (1)16-Oct-20045.0000 (1 Vote) Rate SoftwareHits: 1140
Thunderbird 0.8 is Mozilla''s next generation e-mail client. Thunderbird makes emailing safer, faster, and easier than ever before with the industry''s best implementations of features such as intelligent spam filters, a built-in spell checker, extension support, and much more.